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At Olivia Mark, our mission is simple: “the fashion design within reach”. Dress up to be real you everyday, no occasion required. Founded 2016, by infusing modern spins on the traditional fashion industry, Olivia Mark is more than a traditional online retailer. We believe clothing and handbags are the two iconic angles to express oneself. We want to ensure it’s you & your lifestyle signatures, your thoughts and your unique sense of beauty, to form the eventual purchase decision. This idea has inspired us from product design, manufacturing all the way to quality control. Enhanced by the latest AI-Powered technologies in our stock management and logistics, we go above and beyond, bringing you not only a unique experience with a reasonable cost but also abundant selection and variety. Your uniqueness and pursuit of differentiation are what bring Olivia Mark to life.
Olivia M.
"We have worked incredible hard to present you the Olivia Mark brand and shopping portal. We believe we have found the perfect balance between price, quality, and design. Have a happy shopping experience!"

Words From Larissa Lee

Thanks for stopping by. Olivia Mark respects all of our customers, employees, and partners to the extend that we think mutual benefit is the key to success. As our founder mentioned, we always seek balance between everything and make sustainable strategic decision. We are just so different from anyone else in the industry because we actually care about you and all of the people involved in our project.
Larissa L.
“We visit each of our supplier and factory before cooperation to ensure all the manufacturing procedures meet our high standards. At Olivia Mark, product quality is paramount and our team is working very hard to ensure our customers receive bags with the highest quality possible. Every partnership & customer we meet is aiming for the long term.”
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Over the years, we have partnered with industry leading manufacturers in Asia. All of them have more than 10 years of experience and are committed to follow policies about fair trade, ethic work force, and environment protection.

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If you have any question about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer care team will love to hear from you!

Olivia Mark™ is proudly a wholly owned subsidiary of the OrcaJump Group.

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