Hey there! My name is Olivia Mark, and I'm a programmer, rock climber, yoga enthusiast, drummer, and koala lover. I am currently attending Park University on scholarship with a computer science major and a criminal justice minor. I hope to go into computer forensics or continue my role as an automation engineer.

I speak English fluently, I'm studying German and Japanese, and I can order a pizza in Spanish. Aside from spoken languages, my strongest object-oriented language is Java with Python following closely behind. I am fluent in Robot Framework and Gherkin with a myriad of test suites built in both. In addition, I am familiar with JavaScript, HTML, and C. I am a strong believer that once you learn one (complex) language, that you can learn any language. It comes from a deep-rooted understanding of algorithmic thinking and pseudocode. I'm fairly experienced with Excel, Word, and Powerpoint, along with their Google alternatives. I can also type at ~80wpm.

In addition to computer science, I also love environmental science, percussive music, and helping our community grow stronger. I consistently volunteer at animal shelters, climb rocks, play in symphonies, and participate in local government.

Have I mentioned my passion for involving young women with technology? 

If you want to grab lunch, go ahead and click the 'Contact' button! I'd love to get to know you!


  • Honors Academy, Park University, 2017-Present

  • Dean's List, Park University, 2017-Present

  • Lieutenant Governor for the state of Kansas' Youth and Government program, 2016-2017

  • Winner for (Regional) National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWiT) Aspirations January 2017

  • Kansas Regional Ecomeet Winner, 2nd place out of 18 October 2016

  • Kansas City Women in Technology's Mentor Spotlight September 2016

  • Featured in The Patriot March 2016

  • Featured in the Kansas City Star February 2016

  • Winner for (Regional) National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWiT) Aspirations January 2016

  • Legislature, Youth and Government Kansas November 2015

  • Inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS) October 2015

  • Featured in Shawnee Magazine June 2015

  • Runner-Up for (Regional) National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWiT) Aspirations January 2015

  • Winner, Kansas City CodeDay February 2014

  • Inducted into the National Hall of Fame Honor Choir April 2011-June 2011